Authentic Spanish Tapas

Freshly prepared in our kitchen
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Authentic Spanish Tapas

We serve a range of hot and cold traditional tapas dishes as well as modern tapas desserts.

Our menu varies depending on the season but we have some dishes that are popular and are served all year round.

Mediterranean Tapas

Only the Finest

Fresh Ingredients, Tasty Dishes

We source all our ingredients from local suppliers, this helps our farmers, suppliers and local economy and also ensures that you get the finest fresh ingredients served to your table.

Chicken Parcels with Alioli

Fried chicken parcels served with an authentic light Spanish garlic dressing.

Alioli Toastie with Olives

Toasted garlic baguette served with Mediterranean olives.

Patatas Bravas

Fresh Potatoe served in a rich spicy tomato sauce


Iberico Sobrasada

Iberico sobrasada (cured sausage) on toasted chorizo bread with a selection of Olives and deep fried capers.

Prawn Pil Pil

Fresh prawns served in a traditional sticky Garlic Sauce with mixed peppers.

Calderata – Spanish Seafood Casserole

Casserole served in traditional Spanish smokey sauce infused with peppers with a side serving of Alioli and toasted baguette.

Cold Meat Tapas

Chorizo, Olives and selection of cured cold meat served with tomoatoes and onion rings with a side garnish of salad.

Chocolate Board

A selection of chocolate and strawberries served on a board.

Raspberries with Chocolate Cones

Fresh raspberries served with chocolate cones

Fully Licenced Bar

Our restaurant serves beers, spirits and a fine selection of wines from around the world

Fine wines from around the world

Check out our variety of carefully selected fine wines from around the world


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